Wands For Wildlife Contest By Porsche Conshohocken

June 13th, 2019 by

Porsche Conshohocken is excited to announce an exciting and charitable contest for our customers and employees! We will be collecting used Mascara wands for Wands for Wildlife. This contest will run thru the end of July. If you are coming to our Le Mans watch party on Saturday, please bring your Mascara Wands with you!

What Is Wands for Wildlife?

A charity service that collects old Mascara wands that are then cleaned and used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur and feathers of wild animals.

What Do We Need?

We are collecting OLD/USED Mascara Wands. So, ladies, don’t throw them out! Guys, tell your friends, girlfriends, Mothers, sisters, cousins, etc. about this fantastic use for old mascara wands. New Mascara Wands will not be counted in this contest.

Where Do We Bring Them?

Bring your old and used Mascara Wands to Porsche Conshohocken. They will then be cleaned and sent out to location.

What Can We Win?

A Day at Parx Racing — Featuring Lunch for 4, Free parking, Free racing program with a race named in your honor, and a professional picture with the winning jockey in the winner’s circle!

How Do We Win?

By bringing as many used Mascara Wands as you can! The more old Mascara Wands you bring in, the more you will increase your chances at winning the raffle. Here’s the breakdown:

  • 15 Wands = 1 Entry
  • 30 Wands = 5 Entries
  • 50 Wands = 10 Entries
  • 100 Wands = 25 Entries

Any Further Questions?

Please contact Michelle Schmulling at mschmulling@mmcoauto.com with your questions.