J.D. Power: Porsche is “One of the most Reliable, Dependable Cars”

February 15th, 2019 by

According to J.D. Power’s annual automotive study, Porsche shared the second-place spot in terms of overall reliability with Toyota and won the first-ever award for the most dependable vehicle in the industry with the Porsche 911 sports car.

The annual J.D. Power study gauges dependability of 3-year-old vehicles over the last 12 months, meaning this year’s survey assessed the 2016 model year. Dependability is a key point of consideration for shoppers, and it typically factors into long-term resale values.

Every German automotive brand beat the industry average for the first time in the study’s 30-year history, with Porsche being highlighted for its recent improvement in the study.

The study, which measures the number of problems per 100 vehicles, found a 4 percent overall improvement for the industry from the previous year. That makes it the best-ever year for vehicle dependability. Researchers tracked 177 specific problems in eight major categories. The industry average was 136 problems per 100 vehicles.